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Robots are invading

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Background by u/Yhrite

This is Attack on Teufort

Robots have dominated the world. Legend says that some of the best players on the BLU team were scouted and turned into one of their allies, while others have been brutally murdered. Now they are here to destroy us. You must stop them and protect Mann Co. at all costs to reclaim the badlands!


Stop the payload from reaching the bomb pit!


Robots have to fetch the bomb from their base and deploy it theirs. Your goal is to stop them. The bomb resets every wave.


Hold the point until the time runs out or kill all the robots to win! The point resets to neutral every wave. The time scales according to mission difficulty and number of waves.


Defend your points from being captured. All control points reset every wave.


Capture all points to skip to the next wave while preventing them from capturing yours. All control points reset every wave.


Defeat all the robots while surviving through the waves. Your team has a shared total of 15 lives per wave. Longer respawns after team lives run out.

About Attack on Teufort

Mann vs Machine with new objectives.

Forget about fighting against robots on Mann vs Machine maps, because they are now playable in all of the popular PvP gamemodes. New playstyles, new experience.

Other than some adjustments to the mission's spawnpoints for robots and tanks, it's plug and play. Most missions will easily be supported.

Some light configuration is required for each map and especially for certain maps to determine certain attributes. Most maps will be supported, including multi-staged maps. Some maps are not supported due to the nature of the map, these ones might be supported in a future update.

We are looking into adding support for humans to be on the attacking team while the robots are defending. This will create even more unique experiences playing against robots.

The Future

It's only the beginning.

In June of 2020, we launched Attack on Teufort after 4 years of passive development. Creating this mode was super challenging. We continue to face numerous challenges developing this mode today. Some of these challenges will stay with us for a long time, as they seem near impossible to work around.

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Meet The Team

Without these people, this project wouldn't had been possible. A huge thanks to the Titan.TF community for playtesting the gamemode.

Founder and Plugin Developer
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Co-Founder and Mission & Map Developer
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Technical Advisory
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The attack has already begun.

What are you waiting for? Start playing now and fight for our land! Attack on Teufort is now in public beta.

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